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The Objective…..
Our schools are in need of an ongoing movement program as part of it’s core curriculum as well as an ongoing movement program as part of an enrichment program.  In addition, with recent budget deficits, the school and it’s district are in need of access to funds in order to implement these programs.

The Goals……
The goals are as follows:

  • Provide schools and their District with an ongoing movement program as part of it’s core curriculum

  • Provide Schools and their District with an ongoing movement program as enrichment

  • Provide oppurtunities to generate the funds needed to implement the above programs and allow these programs to continue

The Solution…….
The operators specialize in world dance and fitness instruction to all age groups and skill levels, world dance and fitness choreography to all age groups and skill levels, as well as large and small scale event planning, production and coordination.

The Mission…….
We are advocates of education and cultural understanding through movement and promote the positive benefits that Dance, Fitness, Arts and Sciences have on children’s social, emotional and academic progress.

At first glance, dance and science will seemingly be on two opposite ends of the spectrum! But in the school setting or in  a dance studio, dance and science are more closely related  than you think! Choregraphy and movement will be the vehicle used to explore the basic fundamental ideas and theories of physical and earth science. Using dance to provide an alternative science experience puts the information in a format that will allow all children to easily absorb!

In this format, we wil be exploring the idea that the realtionship between math and dance is connected as a pure science. The patterns and rythyms of music and dance is already naturall mathematical and we will believe that math can be an integral part of how dance is taught. Because this relationship is so natural, the children wont even know that they are being taught a math lesson!

In this section, we will be exploring the different elements of urban dance, which is Mr. Rauly’s speciality! The children will have an oppurtunity to learn popping, locking, isolations, hip hop, break dancing and other popular urban dance moves as well as Zumba. All music and movement will be age appropriate and all movements will be tailored to each individual age group.

While anybody can learn to dance, it takes a whole other set of skills to be able to perform for an audience. In this section, children will be learning performance skills through theatrics and miming and learn how to apply these skills to movement. We have found that this in particular builds self confidence and promotes individuality as each child will have a chance to show their personalities on stage at the end of camp performance. Check schedule for details.

Since music and dance are like ying and yang, we felt it very appropriate to dedicate some time to learn about music and rythyms.  Ryhtym games done to music will help children of all ages learn to  copy and reproduce rhythyms. Also, through sound and pattern recognition we promote listening skills which is perfect for training the younger ear. All games and pattern recognition will be tailored to each specific age group.

During this time, all kids will have an opportunity to explore self-expression through arts and crafts. With different cultural themes as a guide, each age group will explore different topics of interest corresponding to a different culture and it’s history each week.  The funniest part we will be integrating our completed arts and craft projects into the choregraphy and dance itself.

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